Bitcrack Cyber Security helps your company understand and defend your threat landscape. We secure companies across many verticals using our key experience and skills in cybersecurity, threat mitigation and risk.

We help you secure what matters most.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Is your SOC run by hackers? Experience, skill and the ability to hack in the real-world are the people behind our Managed SOC. 

As an Alienvault MSSP, we offer proactive monitoring and threat detection, vulnerability management, compliance, and 0-Day threat analytics linked to a vast back-end of malware researchers. 

Alienvault MSSP

Security in a different world.


Bitcrack Cyber Security helps governments, banks, insurance providers, manufacturers, mining, automotive, maritime and many other industries to protect themselves from security threats.
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More than just hacking

Its not always about hacking or detecting threats. You need to design securely, your staff need to understand security, and your projects need effective security streams to ensure risk-free development and trustworthy application life-cycles. 

We can help you with all your security training and architecture needs.

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