Who said hackers and business don't mix?

African roots, with a global presence. 

Founded by Security and Business Professionals

Those are just a few of the qualifications our staff have, along with a combined experience of 40+ years. Our company has a firm foundation in technology, with a strong focus in security and hacking. Now, combined with experienced business professionals, we have complete synergy in our offerings that are designed, maintained and focus on one thing : YOU. 


Why do hackers dress a certain way? Why do they like certain hardware? Why do they wear hoodies and listen to electro?

The answer is simple, hackers live their passion in life. They don’t view it as a day-job, nor a night-job for that matter. They are people of two worlds, the “normal” and the “digital”. It is this passion for crossing the divide that drives them to understand how technology works and inherently find the bugs, vulnerabilities and exploit paths into systems, software and the like. 

At Bitcrack Cyber Security, we understand that ethos. We embrace it. However we also understand that business speaks a different language. So we have merged the two in our company to create an entity with two sides. The side that will help your business grow, make key decisions and communicate what we do in a way that makes business sense. And the side that sits in dark corners at coffee shops finding ways to exploit your system so that you can understand your risks, and of course remediate them. 

The bottom-line is, its your bottom-line. Your money, your business, your risk. We are here to protect it, protect you and do so in a way that makes perfect business sense.