Cyber Security Mentorship Program

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The ‘growing cyber security skills gap’ is becoming frequently seen in the news. We probably know a friend, who is eager to dive into the world of cyber security but find it difficult to get a cyber security related role at a corporate level.

We at Bitcrack are keen on going the extra length to reach out and help thrust forward the cyber security community and industry.

After months of planning, it takes great pleasure to announce that we will be launching a mentorship program for any individual wanting to venture into cyber security, no matter the background of the individual be it from art, science or even music. Our team of cyber security consultants whom have years of experience in cyber security and digital forensics working across numerous sectors and regions are here and willing to use their spare time on the weekends to mentor any interested individual.

This mentoring program can be done 1:1 or in a group and bring you to speed with the dynamics of cyber security, all the interesting sub-fields and how to think like and perform cyber security assessments at a personal and a professional level.

Along with, you may also get a chance to work with Bitcrack on its numerous internal and external projects to gain that relevant professional experience and possibly an offer to work with us or our clients on the full-time bases in the future.

Quick points on the mentoring program:

  • Enrollment – Open to all
  • Mentoring Duration – As long as it takes, we understand everyone learns at a different pace
  • Mentoring Day – Every Saturday, from 9am to late.
  • Mentoring Type: 1:1, group or project based
  • Community Aspects – Connect with other cyber security professionals and employers in South Africa, get to present at local conferences with Bitcrack sponsorship.



Jayesh Kerai – Lead Cyber Security Consultant

Jayesh comes from a digital forensics background with multiple years of both cyber security and DFIR professional experience across various business sectors including banking and telecommunications in EMEA and APAC. He has worked with many large teams on different projects allowing him to be in a position to train the mentee with the necessary mindsets, soft and social skills, and technical skills absolutely necessary needed for the mentee’s goals to be successful in cyber security.

Dimitri Fousekis – CTO

Dimitri has been in cyber security since the dawn of ages. He has worked with big names like IBM and MTN South Africa enhancing their cyber security posture, and ultimately went into entrepreneurship by founding Bitcrack Cyber Security right here in Johannesburg, South Africa. This has allowed Dimitri to be in a position to help the mentees who wish to go into entrepreneurship ultimately in life.

René Chunilall

René joined Bitcrack under the mentorship program while completing his studies at Durban University of Technology (DUT). With his Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning career aspirations drive and eagerness along with our careful mentorship in related cyber security and DFIR aspects to it, he is working on a new project with the Bitcrack team and is making good headway.

Getting started is as easy as:

  • dropping an email to [email protected]
  • Describing your interest in cyber security
  • And If you would like an online mentoring or physical one-on-one/group/project mentoring.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

– Jayesh